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Do you want to start a band? Looking for musicians? There are a few ways of achieving this goal:

1. Get to know your neighbors, classmates, or co-workers. Do they play music? Try them out and jam with them to feel them out. A lot of successful bands and musicians were actually neighbors or classmates. If it's not the type of sound you're looking for then try #2.

2. Find out when and where the Open Mics are in your town. Attending different Open Mics is a great way to meet musicians because you can actually watch them play, you can also jam with them on stage right there and then for a instant sense of music chemistry.

3. Search online! Craigslist, BandMix, Backpage and similar free web sites constantly provide fresh listings of musicians looking to form a band or offering various music-related services.

Most importantly don't give up. Finding the right kind of musicians to start a band is not easy, but totally doable with patience, perseverance, and a little bit of luck.


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